Published: 5 years ago

Vintage UX Articles


Back in the day I wrote a series of articles for the Cooper Journal. These were written before 2002—so some of the examples are a bit dated—but the points are still relevant.

What We Can Learn From The Fender Stratocaster

Leo Fender designed an electric guitar in 1954 that still endures and sells today—almost 50 years later. What was his secret?

Time Travel Design

The ugly truth is that your VCR never, ever needed to blink “12:00”. See how this famous technology glitch could have been easily fixed way back in 1977.

The High Risk of Low Risk Behavior

Playing it safe doesn’t mean following the competition. In fact, there are few things riskier to the health of your business than playing follow-the-leader.

Beating the Checkout Blues

As hard as it is to believe, most online stores make it very difficult for their customers to give them money. Here are some common problems and their solutions.

Three Traps

We’ve been doing this long enough to see the plethora of pitfalls that plague product design. Here are three of the big ones.

Product Complexity Driving you Crazy? Learn Where to Cut.

Many products collect features by the truckload until they have so many that customers can’t find the ones they need. But how do you know which ones to cut?

Don’t Get Burned By Bad Mapping

Have you ever tried to use a kitchen stove and turned on the wrong burner by mistake? Yeah, us too. This is an example of bad mapping, and it’s not limited to stoves.

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